What nature can teach us about inequality

Sickening, outrageous, offensive, sad, unbelievable, these are just some adjectives people feel when watching the Capitol Riots. How can a country that claims to have one of the most powerful governments in the world justify such behavior? And is there a double standard against Black Americans?

Love is the most powerful force in the universe; it’s also the most neglected

The one thing that is deep within each of us but neglected by so many. It’s a feeling, an emotion that can set us free from the chains of our thoughts. It allows us to feel bliss more often than not—to feel good about ourselves and others in a way that will lead to more satisfying days than bad. So then why do so many of us neglect the power of Love?

The harmful effects of toxic behavior: passionate and inspiring insight for anyone who feels the weight of abuse

If you feel like you are at the receiving end of toxic, abusive behavior or display unhealthy behaviors yourself, there is hope to make a meaningful change.

Whatever the relationship is—friends, family, partners, you should never feel drained, devalued as a human, or under-appreciated. Sometimes emotional abuse is often seen by some people as less detrimental than other abuse—I strongly disagree; emotional abuse is real..