Love is the most powerful force in the universe; it’s also the most neglected

The one thing that is deep within each of us but neglected by so many. It’s a feeling, an emotion that can set us free from the chains of our thoughts. It allows us to feel bliss more often than not—to feel good about ourselves and others in a way that will lead to more satisfying days than bad. So then why do so many of us neglect the power of Love?

In The Beginning There Was Love

It began when we took our first breath and viewed the world through our newborn eyes. Both mother and child and anyone else in the room experienced and felt Love. The feeling from parent to child was pure, free from anxiety or anger, and completely present. 

The bond between mother and child begins the development of nurturing. The child knows Love and feels safe as its parents do all they can to protect the child. But as the days turn into months and months into years, something changes. 

Love Takes A Back Seat To Life

It begins with stimulus overload and life experiences. Especially those of the first seven years that are responsible for 95% of who we are today

The programming of our subconscious begins, and we believe what is right or wrong according to the environment around us. Doubt and uncertainty develop and, as the days turn into months and months into years, we begin to suppress that feeling of Love—especially towards ourselves.

Everything Begins And Ends With Love

Wherever you are in life, it is due to the abundance or lack of Love. You can not expect change without rooting that possibility in Love. There is no exception. The emotion that we express when feeling Love is powerful; it is an emotion that can allow us to manifest a life much different than the one we are currently experiencing. 

Love is more than a word; it is a feeling. Without feeling the emotion of Love, it is nearly impossible to attract what you seek. Furthermore, if you’re in a relationship or trying to parent effectively, saying I Love You without the feeling behind it will always be met with resistance to the sincerity. 

Short and Inspiring YouTube Video on the Power of Love

Remember How To Love

Start with yourself. Chances are you’re working with years of conditioning and programming that have limited your ability to Love effectively.

  1. It’s a commitment that won’t happen overnight—stay patient and consistent
  2. Find self-care habits (i.e., meditation, exercise, diet, nature)
  3. Eliminate or minimize the nonsense (i.e., news, all screen time, gossip)
  4. Rewire your brain to believe in Love by repeating everyday that you Love yourself and feel grateful for the experiences happening throughout the day. If you’re a parent, tell your kids you Love them. They need to hear it most. 

Each night you can either write or lay in bed and reflect on what you felt gratitude for from the day. Some days you may have to look more, but you’ll find it. It’s always there. 

Remember, you must feel the emotion and do it every day! Try it for 30 days; there’s nothing to lose and plenty of Love to gain.

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I Love and appreciate each and every one of you.

One thought on “Love is the most powerful force in the universe; it’s also the most neglected

  1. Guten Tag

    Die mächtigste unsichtbare
    nicht begreifbare Kraft
    ist von Anfang an
    allen Lebewesen
    die eine Seele

    Niemand will
    die Not das Leid
    die Unsicherheit
    die Verlassenheit
    die Einsamkeit
    ohne dass
    das Schwere uns zufällt
    auf sich nehmen
    und ertragen

    das Kind im Mutterleib
    lernt was es zur
    die uns immer noch
    im Gange ist
    seiner Bestimmung
    mit dem Erwachsen
    werden zu folgen

    das Unterbewusstsein
    birgt alles
    es kennt sich keine Moralen

    es gilt den Erwachsenen
    nicht dem Kinde
    böse und gut zu unterscheiden
    täglich der Versuch
    das bessere zu wagen

    meine Kinder
    meine Enkelkinder
    erziehen mich bis heute

    im Mensch ist
    alles im Da
    auch ohne Begriffe
    die uns für alles
    dem Gesetz der Natur
    wir sind Natur
    im Leben einen
    Sinn offenbar machen

    Herzliche Grüße
    Hans Gamma


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