Lost and found in nature—why you should find time to get outside before it’s too late

“We make the unnatural natural, but these unnatural things can never duplicate the peace that we can find in nature.”


There’s so much to say about nature and the endless benefits. I want to write about them all, and I’ll share some below, but I feel that this weeks video says it all. In it, my passion for the outdoors is evident, and the benefits even more obvious as they show themselves to me without any warning.

I share an in-depth perspective about life and death; how many of us spend our lives in a box (e.g., home or office) to end it in another box. I know it sounds morbid, but it’s not—read on.

It’s quite the opposite and a reminder that life is fragile, and life passes at the same rate of time for all of us. What we choose to do in our lives throughout the 24 hours in our day, 365 days out of the year, is entirely up to us and can significantly improve or hinder our well-being.

↟ benefits of nature ↟
  1. Escaping into nature allows us to reconnect with ourselves by shutting out the worlds many unnatural distractions (i.e., work, electronics, cars, trains, etc.)
  2. The sounds of nature have a cognitive effect which helps with relaxation and decreases our physiological response to stressors
  3. What we see also has a cognitive effect that allows our body to settle into a calm state
  4. The air we breathe is cleaner than many areas such as cities and other locations near industrial areas. The fresh Oxygen will fill and have a cleansing effect throughout our body—obviously the more we can get outside the better, but it’s OK to begin slowly
  5. The exercise involved in hiking is a cardiovascular workout that can strengthen and benefit the heart, lungs, improve blood flow to vital organs (i.e., brain) and cause a feeling of euphoria

The list can go on and on, but you must experience the benefits for yourself.

YouTube Video

↟ it’s time to get outside ↟

Time spent in nature is one of the healthiest habits that I have made a regular part of my life. Make a plan and commit to something that will surely bring you happiness and good health.

Let me know in the comments below or directly if you were inspired from the video to get outside. Hope to see you there!

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