Explore within: How a deeper self-awareness can improve your life; step-by-step tips for beginning now

How well do you know yourself; do you care? Do you hope to improve your life or feel that you know all there is to know about who you are? For most of us, these are questions that we don’t even bother to think about, but they are critical to what it means to be human.

↟ trust the process ↟

I took a one-mile hike to a location that turned into 3 miles. Daylight was running out, and my energy was diminishing. It was a real test of trusting the process and having faith that things would work out.

Where I ended up couldn’t have been a better location and was actually where I first thought of setting up—a reminder to stay present and listen to the intuition. I set up on the side of a stream that felt like it was moving through me while recording.

The location was so peaceful that by the end, I was ready to sleep. And you can see my eyes begin to get heavy by the end.

↟ explore within ↟

Understanding to trust the process and staying present begins with our ability to explore within ourselves—the greater our self-awareness, the greater the chance of living a fuller and happier life.

We only have one shot at this life. Each day that passes is a day either lived with value or regret. I never want to miss a minute of my life, and it’s heartbreaking to witness others not living up to their fullest potential.

No matter how content we feel that we are, there is always space for us to improve our lives. In my latest video, I’ll share why it’s essential to improve where we can continuously.

YouTube Video

↟ don’t do it all at once ↟

Change takes time. Our lives are far from perfect. There are numerous areas where we can improve—some less significant than others but they still matter.

Below is a quick way to identify and begin working on making changes. Don’t rush the process, be patient and choose one at a time to work on to avoid feeling overwhelmed. I also explain it in the video.

  1. In a journal or notebook make columns of different emotions that you feel throughout the day (i.e., happy, sad, worried, hopeful, angry, anxious, unmotivated).
  2. Underneath each emotion write the things that cause you to feel this way. For example, you may feel happiness from family, a project your working on, or something work related. Or you may feel unmotivated going to a job that drains your energy.
  3. Choose one that brings a positive response and one that brings a negative reaction. We need balance. We want to increase the frequency of positive emotions and work towards eliminating the things that create negative emotions. For example, you hate your job. The goal is to either find a way to make the job manageable or to find a new job.

    Finding a new job may feel impossible but it’s not. You need to think about how to make that happen. Maybe training in a new field. Working on your resume. Reaching out to people to let them know you’re looking. It may take time but you’ll thank yourself when the change takes place.

    Think about it like this. You can allow that emotion to dictate a part of your life or you can eliminate that dilemma and live your life in harmony. It’s possible. You just need to believe and be willing to put in the effort.

Once you complete one area you can choose another to work on. Sometimes you can work on more than one at a time. Listen to yourself. If it feels overwhelming take a step back. You can also work with someone. An accountability partner or a coach to help you through the process.

This can feel overwhelming. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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