The night I fell In Love-overcoming obstacles; making memories that last forever

life always gives us what we need

Just two weeks before taking any of these astrophotography shots, I bought a Sony camera. Before opening the box, I never had experience shooting anything other than using my iPhone camera. But that was about to change in the most memorable way possible. With camera in hand and a New Moon in the sky above, I began reading about and watching tutorials for shooting the Milky Way.

With the help of the Photopills app and some shooting spot recommendations from some of my Instagram connections, I was determined to capture one of these magical shots. I figured if other people can do it, then why can’t I? But as I drove South with my daughter from New Jersey into Virginia, I watched as each hour passed. Not having any idea where I was or what I was doing, I thought about waiting until the next night to try again in North Carolina. But with a little persistence, help from my daughter finding a place to stay, and some luck, where I ended up couldn’t have been more perfect of a setting.

overcoming obstacles

After shooting several blurry shots (seen below).

First blurry shot with Andromeda’s Galaxy

I was able to figure out how to get a clear shot of the stars. I couldn’t believe what I saw in my camera; what I was able to capture. Before that night, I only ever experienced these pictures through the perspective of others and those they chose to share.

The shots and beauty become clearer

The excitement continued to grow as I captured a shot of the Milky Way coming through the tree line.

Trees show me the Milky Way

a night full of Love

But what I saw next as I walked around the property was the beginning of a memorable night. And I knew at that moment that I was exactly where I was meant to be. My daughter in awe and a sky full of stars made this the night that I fell in Love with photography.

Virginia farm house – Best part of the night

The following day we left and headed into the mountains of Southwest North Carolina, I captured my final astrophotography shot of what will be an experience I won’t soon forget.

Milky Way in Southwest North Carolina

There is so much that came out of my first astrophotography experience. Most importantly is creating more memories with my daughter that will last a lifetime. I’ll never forget how lost she became looking at the sky, counting shooting stars – I think she counted seven! I could’ve given up after driving for 8 hours straight, trust me I wanted to – I was tired, hungry, and cranky, but a little faith and a desire that was greater than any discomfort I felt allowed me and my daughter to experience something that neither of us will ever forget.

All photos lightly edited using lightroom – Used for the first time with these pictures.

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