Empathy and Love

I appreciate you

What does that mean for us? It’s easy to tell someone how you feel, but how come for some of us, we don’t feel what that other person is trying to say?

Many people have said, “you might not remember what someone says to you, but you’ll always remember how they made you feel.” The reason for this is simple – we are emotional beings. Someone can tell us they are thankful or sorry, they Love, or they appreciate us, but if we don’t feel it means very little to us. If our emotions do not match the words that someone shares, we can walk away feeling empty inside. The lack of being able to make someone feel something is the root of most conflict in our daily relationships.

we are all guilty

Although I consider myself a highly empathic person, I, too, am guilty of losing sight of gratitude in a moment. After years of working to cope with my dilemmas, I have a desire to help people feel a sense of purpose in their lives. Almost three years ago, I began this blog. It held a different title, but the theme of Love and hope circulated throughout my writing. In fact, I wanted to reach people so severely that I focused more of my attention on attaining a more vast audience rather than focusing on the audience that I was fortunate enough to quickly develop.

I appreciate you

Recently, I decided to relaunch my website. In doing so, I spent time looking at old posts and reading through the comments that so many of you left. There were so much sincerity and gratitude in your writing. While I didn’t let it go unnoticed, I know I could have been more empathetic with each interaction.

Reading old comments gave me such a sense of satisfaction and appreciation that whatever I said at the time somehow radiated enough in your hearts that provoked you to share your thoughts with me, a perfect stranger, like you, trying to improve myself each and every day.

be empathy

As a grad student, I studied human behavior and focused a lot of my time and energy on empathy. It’s a topic that I believe in, and one that I feel needs more attention – today more than ever. Empathy is the ability to feel what the other person is feeling. This is done by trying to experience what the other person is saying, feeling, or going through as if it were your own experience; it requires patience and the ability to remain present in a given moment.

Research suggests that empathy is a behavior that can be learned. Obviously, it is a trait that is much easier taught in children and adolescents, but adults too can learn how to be more empathic. Empathy is not a behavior that can be learned overnight, so be kind to yourself. But with practice, we can all be a little more mindful and empathetic. What that practice looks like can vary from person to person, but with the decline of empathy in our society, we must bring awareness to a fundamental issue.

For more on the topic of empathy, please either contact me directly or patiently wait for future posts on the subject.

what’s next

I don’t know the exact direction of the blog, but I will share my photography journey and any insightful words. First and foremost, I will focus on feeling present during online interactions. While I prefer human in-person interactions, I understand that we are in an era where our online messages can reach further than ever before. And I want you to know that any message I share is with the hope of giving a different perspective on life. I’m not any different than anyone reading this message. We are all human first, trying to live this very brief and fragile life with balance, happiness, and, most importantly, Love.

What do you know about empathy; what would you like to know more of? Please share your thoughts below 🙂

2 thoughts on “Empathy and Love

  1. Wish you continued happiness with the work you wish to bring here and look forward to your posts! I have come back with a post after a long break too and curious what your old blog was. I have mostly visited all blogs I followed in the past.

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